Technology is developing at an exponential rate, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence (AI). This growth in the AI industry bears many implications whose reach extends far beyond those who are directly involved. As such, we can no longer rely on technology companies and AI experts alone to reduce bias and risks. Instead, we now need input from various stakeholders across the board to discuss and share ideas to ensure that technology continues to be developed for the betterment of society at large.

The Global Festival for AI Ideas is an exclusive gathering of thought leaders from the fields of policy, technology, and business. In engaging with one another, these leaders seek to, discuss, evaluate, and promote responsible use of technology for the benefit of mankind.

Through the Global Festival, Bytedance aims to connect peers and thought leaders across industries and disciplines to promote and advance the development of technology and AI. Bytedance will also facilitate discussions on the profound ways to reduce technological and societal risks that we may face, and how stakeholders can come together to build a better future.


Founded in March 2012, ByteDance is at the forefront of innovating world-leading artificial intelligence technologies in content distribution. As a global AI company, ByteDance is dedicated to connecting people with information, as well as promoting content creation and communication. Its flagship product, Toutiao, is China's largest one-stop content platform and one of the most popular apps in China. Toutiao generates individually customized content feeds for every user. By analyzing user interactions with the content served, Toutiao's personalized recommendation engine continuously improves, learning what articles, short-form videos and creators are interesting to which people, and serving them ever more engaging feeds.


Established in 2016, Toutiao AI Lab is committed to cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence and integrating the latest technology into our products for a better experience to our hundreds of millions of users.

The lab has been employing AI technologies to create, disseminate and manage content, and to boost user interactions. In addition, the lab explores new frontiers, always pushing boundaries and solving fundamental problems in the area of AI. We have a strong company vision: to accelerate and deepen the communication of information and knowledge.